IT Help at Home promotion


While in discussion with the chairman of the charity ITHelp@Home

While in discussion with the chairman of the charity ITHelp@Home I rather rashly suggested that something had to be done to raise the profile of the charity both to gain new clients and new funding streams. He promptly suggested I might like to take on the task, presumably under the illusion that I may have some knowledge of the subject. So here are my initial thoughts.
The first requirement of any marketing plan is to know who you are talking to, for us this falls in to three groups
Once you have identified your target you can formulate a plan for each group based on analysis of,
The charities needs and which channels they are likely to be reached by.
A chief executive of a large trust (Donor) is unlikely to be hooked by a poster in a Wincanton shop window saying “Lost in Windows-Call Us” while if they are lost in windows, a 70 year old (Client) is unlikely to see the message on Twitter.
After that standard marketing rules apply ie: what’s on offer, relevance, how they benefit.
The pitch should answer all the above but also include, who we are and a strong call to action.
This message will need to be tailored to suite the medium being used and the target audience,
Twitter has a 140 character limit and a client with AMD will not be able to read small print leaflets.
From experience I know that strong graphics is a good stimulus for engagement and some thought must be given to a decent logo and better images on the web site .
It goes with out saying that underpinning this must be good metrics as with out proper measurement it will be impossible to know what works and what is a waste of time and resources.
While it will be for the committee to set targets for those metrics they will have to be aware that there may be cost involved.